The Brighter Side of Life

Step Two: Measuring Success

Surfing, riding the wave,

Ride the Wave!

So I have a blog, a web site, a shop and some neat pictures and some fun quotes and some goals. Have I succeeded?

How do I measure success?  Goals accomplished?  What if I have dozens of goals.  Money made?  What if I am still not fulfilled? What if it’s all for nothing? We can’t let these concerns and worries, prevent us from getting to the life we are meant to live (as my friend Karen says) on the other side of fear.  We must understand what it really is about.  Knowing what it is you are heading towards is key.  What is your end game?

I believe it is about the unstoppable joy of doing.  If I can turn to a friend and say, “I can do this all day.” and I can, and make a living at it, better yet, I can make “a very good” living at it, then I am succeeding.

We all put up barriers even when we have taken a risk.  That moment of stepping off solid ground can be the one that hangs us, or lets us fly.  I would like to fly, thank you.

Lets take the plunge then, shall we.  Fears, worries, concerns and doubts all heard, felt and understood, then slowly untangled from our wings.


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