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“This is the first day of the rest of your life” – Charles Dederich

This quote, which I am sure most of us have seen on countless posters and cards, originated from a recovering substance abuser who founded an organization to help others who were “addicted to stupidity”. Unfortunately, later, that business fell into questionable ways.

But those two quotes really do mean something. We spend too much time waiting for the right time to do everything, from getting married, having kids, starting a new career, moving to a new place, quitting your job and starting over. We convince ourselves that nothing is going to give and we cannot afford to make a change or that too much rides on a simple decision. I have been there. I have been “addicted to stupidity”.

True, there are rational considerations and consequences to every decision, but there is also a barrier of fear and misunderstanding. The self evaluation that may or may not be correct. One, that no one will be truly affected by this change so I’m not going to do it, or two, that everything will be affected by what I do so I can’t. There is self doubt, mixed with a strong conviction that you are extremely influential and that making a change will effect everybody, yet if you are not going to succeed then why bother. How contradictory.

In life, in business, in relationships, we get so wrapped up in the day to day, that true vision and visionaries get clouded with drudgery and perceived responsibilities rather than the real responsibilities, the pursuit of happiness. And yes, that happiness depends on money, health, family and joie de vivre. They are all tied in together and they do not stand alone. The problem with the creative spirit is that one can make day to day work a creative process and so lose the sense that maybe, perhaps just maybe, there can be more.

What will it take to make a break from what you are doing with your life and career to what is possible? What you want to be doing more than anything else, every day, all day?

I am an artist in the midst of my own mid-life crisis. What do I bring to the table? My art, my thoughts and a sense of humor that has served me well most of my life. Except the time when I…well that’s for another day. So I have decided to bring my particular style out of it’s dusty corner where I put it while I tried to make money doing other art…or not art, or not money, or raised a wonderful family, but forgot the joy of it.

I am putting it out there, here at and at the shop, offering my art and various quotes on a selection of products, and I will see what happens.

Good luck to all you dreamers and doers, makers and shakers.

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  • katherine seluja on

    Way to go Joy!!!! I saw this posting and thought it was one of your cartoons from an on-line page of the New Yorker! You go Girl, you got it ALL!! KDB

  • Sbns on

    Love this and love what youre doing with ThePositiveFeed. To quote a friend , “Keep movin’ and grooving”. XO

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